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American Mail Order Brides: Meet USA Girl for Marriage

You will hardly meet more self-sufficient, independent, and gorgeous ladies than American mail order brides. They are just stunning and you can be assured of this while registering on dedicated dating sites. Millions of men worldwide dream of having USA women by their sides. You know what? If you are one of those avid love-seekers, you can turn all your aspirations into reality by searching for your soulmate online. 

According to the statistics, there were 57.44 million online dating service users in the United States last year. And 65% of them are female. The numbers speak for themselves. Everyone has a chance to find their sweetheart. Read on to get immersed in American dating culture and find your perfect match with ease!

What Are American Women Like?

If you want to create romance with USA brides, you should learn about their features (both physical and personality attributes) a little more. We explored this topic in great detail. While relying on Quora digests and relevant statistics and numbers, our team created a collective image of an average USA girl for marriage, so you can better understand what kind of person you are going to date. 

Physical attributes are just amazing

There are women from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds in America because it is a melting pot of cultures. According to the latest Census, around 60% identify as white, 18% as Hispanic or Latina, 13% as black or African American, and 6% as Asian. Pretty rad mix, right? Thanks to the mixture of blood, American singles have diverse physiques. Whether you want to have a slender lady or a curvy chick by your side, you will certainly find the right lady in the US. 

❣️interesting fact: The average height of American ladies is about 5 feet 4 inches, while the average weight is around 170 pounds. From pear-shaped to hourglass body types, there is no one-size-fits-all for American women. 

Independent nature

Local women are excelling in their careers. About 57% of women are part of the labor force. They are hardworking and can be seen everywhere, including boardrooms and startups.

First, education: USA women are graduating from college at a higher rate than men. Women hold about 58% of all college degrees in the United States. So, if you are on the lookout for a broad-minded and self-sufficient partner who will contribute to your family’s well-being, feel free to search for beautiful ladies on American dating sites. 

An urge to maintain a perfect balance between family life and a career

Although there is a stereotype that American girls always put their careers first, in fact, things go quite differently. Women are delaying marriage and having children on average. The average age of first marriage is approximately 28, and the average age of first childbirth is approximately 26. They now have more time to devote to their careers and personal development as a result. Nevertheless, beautiful American women remain loving wives and caring mothers. 

❣️Interesting fact: About 28% of households are headed by American women. Nevertheless, 72% of ladies prefer to share their household chores with their partners. 

Pros and Cons of Dating American Women

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If you want to date American women, you will experience both ups and downs, just like in every kind of relationship. But what are the main pros and cons of creating love affairs with these women? Let’s dig deeper to see whether one of these beautiful ladies might become a perfect match for you. 


  • When you get engaged in American dating, you will always know what your partner wants. Local ladies don’t hide their feelings and emotions. So, harmony in your love affairs is guaranteed. 
  • American mail order brides are social butterflies. Whether they are hanging out with friends, attending a music festival, or having a BBQ, they know how to have a good time. Even if you chat online, you won’t get bored with your partner. 
  • Ladies from the US are open-minded. Growing up in a melting pot means American women are pretty open to different cultures and experiences. They are ready for any adventure, and international relationships are one of them. 
  • American ladies are stunningly beautiful. Healthy nutrition and active lifestyle are trends in the US. Just look at those gorgeous ladies on young or mature dating sites in USA! They are stunning!


  • Local girls have pretty high expectations for relationships. They believe that all men should be successful and confident. You should bring your A-game to meet the dating priorities of your lady. 
  • American ladies can be overly opinionated. Indeed, these women have strong opinions that they aren’t ready to change, regardless of the circumstances. It is necessary to be flexible to get along well with a partner from the US. 

Why Do American Singles Become Mail Order Brides?

According to the relevant data, 23% of American women registered on dating platforms are in search of international relationships. What are the reasons for that? Let’s see some interesting insights. 

  • American chicks consider foreign guys exotic. They like the extraordinary appearances of Latin, Asian, and Slavic men, which encourage them to look for love abroad. 
  • They seek adventures. You know that American girls have an adventurous spirit? International love affairs are one of the most fascinating challenges for local girls. These ladies consider cross-cultural romance to be a wonderful adventure. 
  • Girls from the US are looking for a movie-inspired love story. For American girls, a romantic foreign film has a grand, epic feel. There is this romantic idea of falling in love, like in a fairytale. Who doesn’t want their own “Eat, Pray, Love” experience?
  • They want to explore the world with their significant other. Many ladies are all about broadening their horizons and exploring all the virtues of the world with their partners. They believe that such relationship development can strengthen bonds. 

Top 3 Ways on How to Meet American Singles

Are you on the lookout for proven methods to meet American women and create meaningful love affairs with them? Then you will need to explore these ways to embark on a new love story. Some of them are more effective than others, so you will need to study all of them and choose which one works for you. 

  1. Check out the circle of your acquaintances. If you are all about dating American women, feel free to ask your friends or fellow workers whether they know single ladies from this country. Maybe somebody will give you the phone number of an American single girl; who knows?
  2. Go to social media. This is probably the cheapest way to encounter beautiful single ladies. Nevertheless, it is the most questionable one. How many ladies on Instagram are ready for cross-cultural relationships? What are the chances you avoid scams on social media? You will need to take caution when opting for this method. 
  3. Register on a local dating site in USA. If you are looking for an efficient yet safe method to date American ladies, registering on a reputable dating site might be a go-to option. You will need to choose trusted platforms that incorporate multiple features to make your romantic journey a breeze. 

🔥Author’s opinion: VictoriyaClub is considered to be one of the most popular platforms on the dating scene nowadays. It includes all the necessary features for potential love hunters to have a fulfilling dating journey.  

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Effective Advice on American Dating 

Dating American mail order brides requires a special approach since local girls are rather demanding and have pretty high expectations toward love affairs. We explored the local dating niche in the US and compiled useful tips to win a local lady over. You can apply them to your romantic ventures as well.

  • Dress to impress. Whether you are chatting online via video means of communication or dating in real life, you will need to always appear well-groomed in front of your soulmate. Visual appeal is an essential part of USA dating. 
  • Be honest about your intentions. Be clear about the kind of relationships you are after. Honesty saves time for everyone, whether it is a serious or lighthearted conversation. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. 
  • Make your relationship’s development fascinating. Bring a sort of variety to your love affairs, regardless of which stage of bonding you are going through. Do not limit yourself to a movie and dinner. Change things up by adding surprises and activities.
  • Learn to listen to your significant other. Pay attention to what your lady says, her worries, and her wishes; that’s essential for single American women. Your girlfriend will certainly appreciate your efforts in listening to her and following her thoughts. 
  • Make her feel significant. Emphasize the best qualities of your soulmate to make her feel special for you. You can compliment her look or style — everything depends on the level of your closeness. Let your imagination run wild. 
  • Be proactive. You know that your generosity and actions speak louder than any sweet words. So, why not surprise your lady with some grand gestures like an extraordinary date on the roof or an unexpected flower delivery? 

Dating American Women: Final Thoughts

American online dating can be an exciting adventure as long as you know the right approach to local women. Indeed, girls from the US are just awesome — they do their best to find a perfect balance between their work and family and be independent and loving partners. Don’t miss your chance to date beautiful girls from a country that cherishes freedom, experiments, and extraordinary romance. Numerous American mail order brides are looking forward to meeting their soulmates online, so take action!

Frequently Asked Questions about Dating American Women

Why do American dating sites become so popular?
Numerous people find it easy to meet their soulmates online since it is convenient, more budget-friendly, and safer compared to traditional dates. Moreover, singles often meet beautiful ladies online they would hardly meet in real life. Online dating sites are a perfect opportunity to meet your relationship goals.
How many online dating services are there in the US?
In the United States alone, there are over 2,500 online dating services and 1,000 more are added each year. Moreover, there were 57.44 million online dating site users last year. These facts prove that online dating, including international ventures, is rather popular in the US. More and more American single ladies are all about finding their love online.
What are some common traits of American singles?
American singles often value independence, open communication, and mutual respect in relationships. They tend to appreciate honesty, a sense of humor, and shared interests. Additionally, many prioritize career and personal development, and they often seek partners who support their goals and aspirations.
What are popular ways to meet American singles?
American singles often meet through online dating apps and websites, social media platforms, and local events or social gatherings. Other common ways include joining clubs or groups based on shared hobbies and interests, attending community events, and through mutual friends. Speed dating events and professional networking mixers are also popular venues for meeting potential partners.
What cultural differences should I be aware of when dating an American single?
When dating an American single, it’s important to be aware of their emphasis on personal space and independence. Americans often value direct communication and may expect clear expressions of interest and intentions. Understanding and respecting diverse backgrounds and beliefs is also crucial, as the United States is a culturally diverse country.
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