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What are Romanian Women Like? The Fullest Guide How to Meet, Love, and Date Ones

How much do you know about Romania? I bet your knowledge of this wonderful Balkan country is less than ten percent. But I also bet you will want to study more about it after getting acquainted with brilliant Romanian women. They are no doubt the most beautiful half of the country’s population; there are nearly 10 million of them. Unfortunately or fortunately, a huge portion of these ladies are still searching for a life partner, and are mostly interested in marrying foreign men. If you are reading this article, there is a big chance that you are one of those desired fiancés.

But what are Romanian women like? Whether they are honest, smart, funny, or passionate? Today we’re gonna put the puzzle pieces together, so let’s go!

❤️ Successful marriages97%
🌏 Popular cities to meet Romanian womenBucharest, Brasov, Constanța, Sibiu
👰 Average age of Romanian brides 22–25 y. o.
💍 Average Age of Marriage27 y.o.
💌 Best site to find Romanian womenvictoriyaclub.com
💍 Average cost of a Romanian brideis $1,600–$7,500

Appearance and Personality: Main Characteristics of a Romanian Woman

You may not know, but Romanian girls’ appearance and character are a distinct blend of Slavic and Turkish influences. That is why these women are not like other nations in the Balkan region. They combine European restraint and elegance with a hot Oriental fervor – the wild mix. And not everyone is ready to cope with it.

The popularity of Romanian women is increasingly growing. Over the past decade, they have become desirable to foreign men. Let’s take a look at the personal and physical characteristics of a Romanian woman:

Beautiful 👩‍🦰Romanian women are known for their catchy and vibrant appearance. Because of Turkish roots they usually have long dark smooth hair and magnetic dark-brown eyes. Their flawless skin has a golden tint due to the sunny climate in the country. However, there are plenty of blond-haired girls, who represent their Slavic forefathers. When meeting a Romanian woman for the first time, you can’t help but notice her femininity, elegance, and sexiness.
Cultured 🎭Ladies in Romania have natural intelligence, which makes them interesting companions, convincing arguers, and curious students. They are interested in art, literature, movies, and other things.
Family-oriented 👨‍👩‍👧As opposed to girls in Western and Central Europe, who are mainly focused on their careers, Romanian brides give up everything for the family. They are very protective, devoted, loyal, and responsible.
Friendly 😊Openness, friendliness, and welcome are the aces in the Romanian bride. Such a girl charms with her kindness, heartiness, and sweetness. That is, in fact, one of the advantages of dating a lady from Romania — it’s just much easier to approach her online or offline, and she easily adapts to a new social circle.

Other points to remember about

Stylish 🌹In addition to their gorgeous appearance, Romanian brides have a great sense of style! They can look elegant and glamorous today and sassy and sexy the next day.
Well-educated 👩‍🎓Despite their traditional values, a typical Romanian woman strives to get a good education and to add to their knowledge. They dream about  success in their careers as well as in their personal lives.

If you have serious intentions and are looking for something more than just messing around, a Romanian woman is the perfect choice for an exhilarating and fulfilling relationship. She will never betray you or break your trust but will be your best friend, tender lover, and caring wife.

Why Foreign Men Are Looking for Brides from Romania

As you can see, foreign men seek women in Romania for many reasons. A male can find everything he wants – beautiful appearance, soft character, rich inner world – in one person if he marries a Romanian fiancée. But, in general, there are three main roles that girls of this nationality represent the best.

❤️ Faithful and loyal housekeepers

Romanian girls tend to be excellent wives! The culture in this country is one in which people aim to find a couple and start a family from a young age. According to modern marriage trends, the Romanian marriage rate is 3.8 marriages per 1,000 inhabitants. With a population of 21 million at present, there are more than 880,000 people in Romania who are married.

By the way, a large family is not a problem for a Romanian bride, and vice versa, most of them dream of having several children. So, you should also be prepared to support your wife and kids decently. And keep in mind that after the wedding, relatives and close friends will often come to your home.

In marriage, Romanian girls are very caring, and faithful, they tend to show wisdom and resolve conflict situations calmly and in a balanced way.

❤️ Loving and reliable mothers

One of the greatest Romanian women features that they are wonderful mothers. They are loving, caring, and protective. From an early age, young Romanian women receive not only a general education for their occupation but also a solid knowledge of how to create and maintain a family. 

They love and know how to teach their children good manners and rules of etiquette, instill a love for their people and traditions, and show them how to be honest and kind. As mothers, Romanian women give their best for the happiness and well-being of their children.

❤️ Sexy and passionate lovers

Despite the spiritual calm, external restraint, and coolness, Romanian beauties are very passionate and liberated in their sexual relations with the man they love. Among European women, they are known as some of the hottest lovers. Sexy Romanian women know how to please their partners in bed properly. They don’t mind experiments and are enthusiastic to explore new sides of lovemaking.

Here we are! I have shared a bit about ladies from Romania/s characteristics, but that is not all. If you are still interested in dating Romanian sexy women, keep reading – we are on the right path!

Where to Meet Romanian Women for Marriage

Are you looking for a Romanian woman for marriage? Of course, such thoughts appeared in your head after reading it! So, let’s talk about the best ways to meet amazing girls from Romania. There are plenty of places to look for the perfect match, offline or online, from traditional cafés to online dating sites. Take a glance at the most popular ones:

👉 Bars and clubs. Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, and Timisoara are cities that are known for their vibrant nightlife. If you want to have some fun, and at the same time meet a date for life, check out one of the clubs in Bucharest or any other city.

👉 Parks and public places. Such a trivial, but one of the most popular ways to find a girl to date offline. Usually, public places in Romania are very lively and there are a lot of citizens.

👉 Sporting events and outdoor activities. Sexy Romanian women take care of their bodies, so sports are an important part of their life. You can often find these girls playing soccer, basketball, or volleyball in city parks or participating in outdoor activities.

👉 Festivals and cultural events. Romania is a tourist country, mainly foreigners come to visit Transylvania and the Carpathians, so there are almost always festivals and various concerts, and exhibitions, where you can meet the resident girls.

Online options

However, those methods require a lot of luck, so there is very little guarantee that you will find Romanian single women who are ready for marriage. Instead of this, try online options.

👉 Social media platforms. Social media is still a great option for connecting with Romanian women. Once you find a profile you are interested in, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself! However, not all Romanian girls are happy when foreigners contact them through Instagram or Facebook. 

👉 Dating apps. Plenty of platforms specialize in Romanian women dating and include various features to make it easier for users to find someone special.

👉 Dating sites. There are various dating sites where singles post their profiles. The main advantage is that they are already ready to start a relationship, so it will be easier for a man to connect. Of course, most of these sites are paid for. But it’s much cheaper than visiting Romania, especially, if you live in the U.S. or Australia.

Online dating will save you time, money, and effort in finding a Romanian girl.  Start your journey today by creating a profile and exploring many potential partners!

Meet with the Best Single Romanian Women 👰

Hobbiestravelinggoing out with friends and familylistening to musicsports
English Levelnormally
Weight58 kg. (127.8 lbs)
Height 1.70 м. (5′ 7″)
Occupationowner of a tailoring shop
Hobbiestravelinggoing out with friends and familysports
English Levelnormally
Weight53 kg. (116.7 lbs)
Height 1.65 м. (5′ 5″)
Hobbiestravelinggoing out with friends and familyreading bookswatching cinemaslistening to jazz music 
English Levelperfectly
Weight50 kg. (110.1 lbs)
Height 1.68 м. (5′ 6″)

Five Proven Tips to Follow While Dating Romanian Women

Well, luckily for you, building a relationship with a beautiful Romanian woman is not difficult. But to assure the success of dating, here are 5 tips that can help you when dating a Romanian woman:

1️⃣Listen to her when she speaks 

Romanian girls tend to be more attentive listeners than active participants in conversations. Nevertheless, when the occasion arises for you to reciprocate and lend an ear to them, make sure not to falter. Never let a Romanian woman think she’s solely responsible for the relationship. Always strive to make her feel acknowledged and valued.

2️⃣Respect her culture and traditions

Always respect your girlfriend’s culture. Show interest in her family, national and family traditions. In addition, your Romanian girlfriend will be impressed if you use your knowledge of the Romanian language in conversation with her.

Oh, and don’t rush to get naked Romanian women, as this attitude toward a lady is unacceptable in this culture.

3️⃣Don’t say “no” to food

In Romania, it is considered impolite if you refuse food that is offered to you. It can deeply offend the hostess. When a Romanian woman invites you into her home, know that she has taken the time to prepare everything for your arrival. Even if you’re not hungry, eat at least a little and then praise the food.

4️⃣Compliment them

It is not surprising that most girls like genuine compliments, but in the case of Romanian girls they like it a bit more. It is very important to give them genuine comments on how beautiful they look, appreciate their cooking skills, and like their jokes. 

5️⃣Celebrate the little holidays with them

As I mentioned more than once, tradition is very important to Romanians. When courting, don’t forget to give your girlfriend small gifts for big holidays such as New Year, Christmas, and birthdays. And when you win the heart of your beloved, be prepared for the fact that no holiday in your family will not do without a grand dinner and a cheerful feast.

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💡 Expert’s Opinion

In my opinion, the greatest gift in life is to find a soul mate, and no one deserves to be lonely. If you are tired of swiping left and right with no luck, take a glance at gorgeous Romanian women. You can gain a fresh perspective on dating and what a wife should be. These sophisticated, authentic, and attractive ladies are exceptional in every way. So, don’t lose a chance – your worthy family partner is just a click away!


How to love a Romanian girl?
There is no huge secret about how to love a Romanian girl. This lady, like most others, is looking for a loving, caring, and respectful man, who won’t restrict her desires and wishes. If you want to win the heart of a woman from Romania, be respectful, don’t forget about courtship, and dive deep into Balkan culture, as it is very important for her. Make your chosen one feel like she is the most important person in your life, and she will return the favor.
What is Romanian culture for women?
All Romanians are extremely respectful of their culture. The history of the country, national traditions, and values are passed from generation to generation. There is no language barrier, as most citizens know English, but if you meet a soul mate here, be ready to welcome a new language into your life. It is very important to understand how to build a strong, long-life relationship with a Romanian woman.
What is Romania famous for?
Many Western Europeans, Americans, and others think that if they heard about Count Dracula one time, they know everything about Romania. It is a complete misconception. Romania is a beautiful country crossed by the scenic Carpathian Mountains, popular for its tasty food and rich culture. There is Europe’s second-longest river, the Danube. Around the world, Bucharest is known as the “Paris of the East,” or “Little Paris”. If you want to explore this country better, one trip is definitely not enough.
What is gender equality in Romania?
Family and kids have a strong impact on the mentality of Romanian women. Since childhood parents teach their growing daughters to take care of their closed ones, keep a house, and be responsible and loving wives. Traditionally, Romanian families are patriarchal: men are in charge of earning money, and wives look after the household and raise children. However, nowadays more and more families take over the experience of Western European, where gender roles are not strictly limited. About 25% of women own local businesses in Romania.
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