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Bulgarian Women: A Detailed Guide on Dating Bulgarian Singles in 2024

When a man thinks about finding a compatible Slavic bride, the first idea that comes to his mind is to meet a Ukrainian lady or get acquainted with a hot Russian female. Still, Bulgarian women can be a true treasure of any guy. These charming ladies look for foreign husbands as well, thus you may easily become a perfect match with a Bulgarian girl. Here are a few key points to mind about beautiful Bulgarian women:

💡 Average age 24
🇧🇬 Popular citiesSofia, Varna, Burgas
💔 Divorce rate3.2 per 1000 people
💲Average cost $ 1000-5000
🏆 Best dating

General Characteristics of Bulgarian Women

If you know something about Eastern European women, then it is possible to say that you know a few facts about pretty Bulgarian women as they come from a Slavic country, as Russian women or Romanian ladies do. However, there average Bulgarian woman has certain characteristics that you should mind in case you want your acquaintance to be successful and smooth.

📌 Smart. Bulgarian women like most girls from Eastern Europe are very intelligent and curious. Local ladies devote a lot of time to their self-development and widening their own horizons. They keep learning throughout their whole life. Bulgarian ladies do not miss any nice offline or online courses to freshen up their knowledge and gain new skills.

📌 Energetic. Have you ever seen a woman full of energy? This is what Bulgarian girls are a sort of. They do not want to stay at home and waste their days while waiting for the right time to live and love. If choosing a Bulgarian mail order wife, you can be sure that your life will be always positive and bright.

📌 Open-minded. Of course, Bulgarian girls are conservative in some way due to their upbringing. Still, it doesn’t mean that these foreign ladies would miss an opportunity to discover unknown places, meet new people, or try some exciting things. Local females are open-minded so you will never feel bored next to a Bulgarian wife.

📌 Feminine. This is what Western men keep admiring. You will recognize a Bulgarian bride among other Eauropean women thanks to good taste and a desire to look for 💯%. They make foreign men go crazy looking at long blond/dark hair, shiny skin, perfect makeup, and attractive outfit.

📌 Serious. Girls from Bulgaria are down to earth. They know that it is necessary to do something to get what they want. They will never start dating a man just for fun. A Bulgarian female is a wife who’ll take care of her dearest ones and put their interest above all.

📌 Hard-working. Even though modern Bulgarian women like having fun, meeting friends, and relaxing, they are very determined and hard-working. You will be impressed to see how quickly they can a higher position at work, change field of expertise, and show fantastic results. It seems to me that a local mail bride is a perfect woman in every possible sphere.

📌 Kind. Local women are very kind and friendly. They are ready to help in any situation. Despite their age, they keep seeing only good person’s qualities. It means that your Bulgarian mail order bride would be your loyal friend forever.

How to Find Bulgarian Women for Marriage?

I know that most Western men dream about finding a Bulgarian woman for marriage exactly because they appreciate the qualities that I have mentioned above. In case you do not want to get acquainted with Russian brides or ladies from another Slavic country, then consider popular options to meet Bulgarian single woman as soon as possible.

1️⃣ Visit Bulgaria

In case you are bored with traveling across Western countries and want to discover new places, then by visiting Bulgaria you can do this as well as meet local women. Once you are in the country, you are recommended to pick up every opportunity to get acquainted with a Bulgarian woman. You can do it during the daytime: when walking in the park, dining in a cafe, shopping, etc. Also, do not forget about nightlife when seeking a Bulgarian bride. Local girls are into dancing, singing, and relaxing. Thus, you can easily enjoy a speedy acquaintance after a busy day.

2️⃣ Join a dating site

It is not a secret that international dating websites have become extremely popular for those who want to marry foreigners. You can communicate online without leaving your place. I can admit that monthly visits of online dating sites are just incredible. Hence, you will not experience any difficulties with meeting bulgarian ladies online.

3️⃣ Consider other options

If you do not like any of the above-mentioned options to find a Bulgarian wife, then you may consider extra ideas. What about asking some of your friends to help you? Do not forget about visiting social networks, dedicated forums, or rest in another country. For example, you may go to Turkish, Egyptian, or other resorts where Bulgarian ladies rest to meet in real life.

Top Profiles of Sexy Bulgarian Women

You can meet Bulgarian girls online with ease. By choosing acquaintances on online dating websites, you may save a lot of time as local girls surely aim to have a nice time, date, and even start a family life with American husbands. Here are top profiles of mail order brides from Bulgaria.

🧩 Age – 21

🧩 Zodiac – Capricorn

🧩 City – Sofia

🧩 Hobbies – Cooking, walking

Emili is one of the Bulgarian brides who evaluates sincerity and openness. She is looking for a soulmate to build a family and make each other happy everyday despite possible difficulties and cultural differences.

🧩 Age – 23

🧩 Zodiac – Sagittarius

🧩 City – Sofia

🧩 Hobbies – Travel, sport, driving

The girl describes herself as a polite, well-brought girl who has a lot of energy and passion for life. She has a family as her main priority. This Bulgarian bride seeks a man who can share her values and life goals.

🧩 Age – 28

🧩 Zodiac – Capricorn

🧩 City – Sofia

🧩 Hobbies – Reading, cycling

This Bulgarian bride appreciates new feelings and emotions. Gratsiela is looking for a supportive man who is kind and attentive. She believes that together a man and a woman can be happy no matter what life prepares for them.

What is Bulgarian Mail Order Bride Cost?

Have you ever seen women in beauty contests? They need to invest a lot in looking so impressive. The same thing is with many Bulgarian girls. You can’t order a lady you like as food in a cafe, so it is better to say not a Bulgarian mail order bride price, but a budget that you should be ready to spend on dating local females.

Online dating 🧐

Getting acquainted with girls online is surely cheaper. You pay for site membership and get a unique opportunity to watch all photos, check women’s profiles, write messages, participate in chats, etc. Of course, the range of functions available for you strongly depends on the type of your subscription and may vary from site to site. Still in general, your experience with Bulgarian girls online may cost you $1000-1800.

Offline dating 🧐

If you prefer dating Bulgarian brides offline, then you should be ready that this kind of experience is more expensive than online romance. Among the related expenditures are:

  1. Tickets to Bulgaria
  2. Hotel room rent
  3. Car rent
  4. Dinners
  5. Gifts and romantic surprises
  6. Daily money wastes

Based on my calculations (pay attention that the final result depends on many factors like the kind of room and car you want to rent, plane tickets, etc.), you are going to spend $2000-3000 for offline experience with Bulgarian brides.

Top 7 Tips to Attract Bulgarian Brides

Bulgarian women like any other females strive for a special approach and the man who can melt their hearts. If you want to date Bulgarian brides successfully, then pay attention to the most effective tips that I can outline for you here.

  1. Be honest and sincere. Bulgarian brides have great intuition. If you do not want to risk communication with attractive local females, then you’d better say only the truth to her. There is no sense in pretending to be someone else if you sincerely are interested in finding a compatible Bulgarian wife. Let her understand who you actually are, and what your interests and family values are. Otherwise, you may waste time chatting with the wrong lady.
  2. Respect her culture and traditions. I think you know that Bulgaria like other European countries, has a long history full of interesting facts and traditions. If you want to be closer to a Bulgarian woman, then learn her background. In this case, exploring another culture will be not only gripping but useful as well.
  3. Ask more about girl’s family. If you want to get closer to your Bulgarian bride, you should know more about her family and relatives. Take every opportunity to ask how her mom is, or what hobbies her father has. It would be also great to explore whether girl’s family has some special traditions. Mind that Bulgarian women have strong traditional values, so sharing them is the shortest way to the lady’s heart.
  4. Show your affection in every possible way. Whether you practice online dating, or you are seeing offline, the girls should feel your interest. Be generous with compliments, gifts, and surprises. It is not essential to wait until some special occasion like birthday, to express your feelings, and make your lady feel unique.
  5. Avoid comparing all Bulgarian girls. Do you want to lose the attention of your Bulgarian girl? You can do it quickly. Just start to compare her with the rest of the local females. If not, then emphasize the lady’s uniqueness, admit her strong features of character, and accept your Bulgarian bride just as she is.
  6. Be a good listener. All Slavic girls prefer being with guys who can listen well. It doesn’t mean that you should be silent all the time. The idea here is to be a good listener for your Bulgarian girl. By the way, it will let you get to know her better, and be aware of lady’s preferences, and desires. You can use this information later when arranging a surprise for your beloved, or choosing a gift for your anniversary.
  7. Consider arranging romance tours. If you have met on an online dating website, then it would be great to arrange a personal meeting with your Bulgarian bride. Often, the best dating sites help guys plan a romance tour to Bulgaria. You just approach a professional agency and ask whether they provide such services.

Mind that all mail order brides from Bulgaria are unique and have their own preferences and dislikes. Your task is to get to know the lady well, discover more about bride’s country (like capital city, local cuisine, marriage traditions, etc.), and approach the lady with all her heart and respect.

Online Communication with a Bulgarian Girl: How to Avoid Scam

Unfortunately, a search for Bulgarian wives online is strongly associated with scams. Not all users of dating platforms use dedicated services with the pure intention to build serious relationships. In case you do not want to become a victim of dating scammers, then look at the tips that I have prepared for you:

Avoid sharing your banking details

Agree that it looks suspicious when Bulgarian mail order brides ask for money just after your acquaintance. It is when you should be careful with girls online. Do not share your credit card details. Even though site administration checks Bulgarian mail order brides during the registration, you should also take responsibility for your actions.

Watch lady’s actions and words

You can easily understand whether you deal with real Bulgarian brides or scammers if you are attentive. Watch all photos and compare them with lady’s words. Listen attentively her when chatting and make conclusions. It doesn’t mean that you should behave like a policeman who deals with a thief. Just try to be attentive to details and do not let the woman cheat on you.

Communicate only via dating platform

Please be aware in case the girl insist on shifting to another place to chat further. I highly recommend to communicate only on a dating platform as it is a safe checked place. Administration work 24/7 to provide a top -quality online dating experience without any threats to your security.

Beware of sob stories

You may come across Bulgarian mail order wives who will tell you plenty of sad stories with the only aim to get your money. Some ladies complain about problems at work, others about health issues, etc. Whatever legend the girl tells, you shouldn’t hurry to rescue her. First, it is necessary to check everything a few times before giving her money.

Choose a trustworthy dating site

The number of dating sites with potential Bulgarian wives is incredible. Your task is to choose a reliable platform with a clear pricing system, an attentive support team, and real Bulgarian girls. On such a site, you can find Bulgarian brides, watch all photos, and do not worry about leaks of your personal information.

Don’t jump to conclusions

Often, a guy falls in love with a mail order bride and plans a wedding with a Slavic beauty in a week. Still, I beg you not to jump to conclusions and slow down. Keep chatting and learning each other better. You can’t know for sure who stands behind the screen. When you first visit the site, begin with looking for a perfect match. But do not forget that only time will show who is who.

Trust your instructions

Well, let’s say you choose the lady among other mail order brides. She says that Bulgarian men couldn’t make her happy that’s why she is looking for a spouse abroad. The lady seems to be charming and nice. Still, you feel that something is wrong. Your instructions must be your red flag. Trust them and do not ignore your intuition in any situation. If you have some hesitations, it’s better to pay attention to other girls online.

Bulgarian Mail Order Brides: 🔥 Expert’s Opinion


Unfortunately, local men can’t give Bulgarian women everything they strive for. That’s why girls decide to become mail order brides, and join dating sites with incredible monthly visits. In my opinion, Bulgarian brides seem to be pure ladies with strong family values. Like other Slavic girls online, they are beautiful, well-mannered, charming, smart, and caring. Mail order brides from Bulgaria easily become perfect wives. Personally, I know a lot of Bulgarian women who managed to find a nice match on a dating site. It means you can also become happy with your mail order bride despite the distance, cultural differences, and other possible obstacles.

❓ FAQ:

Can I buy bride in Bulgaria? ?
You can’t find Bulgarian brides on sale. You may only pay for dating services like chatting, gifts, the opportunity to watch all photos, and site membership to find girls online and initiate communication with the lady you like.
What countries sell brides?
You can find many European brides online as Bulgarian mail order brides are not the only who seek foreign spouses. The USA, Ukraine, Japan, China, and other countries are rich in beautiful ladies who register on dating sites every day.
How do I get married in Bulgaria?
In case you want to marry any of Bulgarian mail order brides, you must meet certain requirements and provide a range of documents. Among them are passport non-EU or ID card if you are EU citizen. Don’t forget about Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage to prove that you are not married currently.
What is the average age to get married in Bulgaria?
Based on the last statistics, in 2014 the average age for marriage in Bulgaria was 32.7 y.o.
What is the divorce rate in Bulgaria?
The divorce rate in Bulgaria in 2020 was 1.3 per 1000 according to results of research.
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