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Vietnamese Brides: Exotic Ladies Know How to Please Their Men

Taste differs, while some guys are dreaming about dating Ukrainian girls, others can’t stop thinking about exotic Vietnamese mail order brides. These slim ladies will not leave you indifferent as well if you are looking for an attentive partner. Vietnamese girls know how to please their men and make them truly happy. Do you know anything about these ladies? The following article will tell you everything you need to know about Vietnamese brides before jumping into a relationship with pretty girls.

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Why are Vietnamese Women for Marriage so Attractive?

The first reason why men of different ages and nationalities decide to find Vietnamese brides is their stunning appearance. It may be a great challenge to put your eyes off the average Vietnamese woman because they look impressive. Just glance at the photos of local beauties. It is not surprising as nature has incredibly awarded Vietnam women. They are slim and tender. Vietnamese brides do not need any surgery to look better. Long dark hair, deep eyes, and a petite body are the first things that guys usually admit when seeing Vietnamese ladies. The absence of bad habits also plays into the hands of local girls. They do not harm their own health which results in shiny skin, white teeth, and slender figures.

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Discover Why Do Mail Order Brides from Vietnam Seek Western Men

Dating Vietnamese brides online will not be a problem for foreign men. Local beauties do not mind meeting someone out of their country and building relationships with foreigners. By joining a dating site, they hope to find a caring person among numerous foreign men and build a happy connection with him. Why? Well, a history of international marriages for Vietnamese women dates back to times of Vietnam war actually. Today, Asian women also think of marriage to a foreigner. Here are the most popular reasons:

  • Single Vietnamese girls can’t meet the same-minded partner in their own country

  • They have a negative experience of dating representatives of Vietnamese culture

  • Asian brides would like to move to another country

  • Local singles heard a lot of successful stories about a foreign partner

  • Vietnamese woman for marriage take it as a last chance to be happy

Now you can see that local singles have a lot of reasons to marry foreigners. So if you have made up your mind to find a Vietnamese wife then consider the following recommendations.

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Why Do Vietnamese Women Make Good Wives?

Some men still can’t understand the popularity of Vietnamese women with Western guys. Well, there are a few reasons why men akk over the world would like not only date local singles but start a family with them in the long run.

First of all, ladies from Vietnam are great partners. They are ready to listen to their men without interrupting or giving a piece of advice when they are not asked for that. These women know how to support their partners without any words.

Secondly, they know how to create a cozy atmosphere at home. All guests can’t stop admiring the apartment held by a Vietnamese woman. They always pay her compliments and keep asking about the main secrets of running the house like this.

Finally, Vietnamese women do not avoid pleasing their husbands whenever they want this. Instead of saying how hard the day was, they will show all their love and care so that the man feels all the energy coming from their spouse.

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Where Can I Find Vietnamese Brides?

Vietnamese brides are not as far from you as you may think. Actually, anyone who is interested in finding a Vietnamese wife can do it easily. Depending on your current opportunities, you may use any of the available options. Are you ready to meet Asian girls? Let’s find out how you can do this.

How To Find Vietnamese Bride or Woman for Dating

Visiting Asian countries

Are you an inspired traveler? Then you can try to meet Vietnamese brides in their native land. Different Asian countries let you not just explore their incredible culture and traditions, but also find a future wife. You can book a tour or arrange a trip on your own to see real Vietnamese women and find out more about them. It goes without saying that reading cool fact about Vietnam girls is cool, but you can’t know for sure whether some of the local ladies may match you perfectly. Hence, if you can afford a trip to Chi Minh city Vietnam or any other place, then you are highly recommended to do that. After all, you may meet a good Vietnamese girl for marriage at once and won’t need to dream about finding the right match all day and night long.

Registering on online dating sites

Have you heard about Vietnamese mail order brides? They are single women who register on dating sites to find a perfect match among foreign men. Single Vietnamese women write detailed profiles, add nice pictures and tell what kind of man they are looking for. These ladies come from Ho Chi Minh city, and other parts of the country, some mail order brides are based in South Korea. Therefore, you can check top dating sites and take your chance to meet Vietnamese singles there. Some platforms are free while others provide both free and paid options. But the main thing that you should take into consideration is safety. Only a reliable dating site will let you find real Vietnamese wives ready for a marriage migration.

Asking your friends for help with a Vietnam bride

In case you do not trust mail order brides websites completely, then you can ask your friends to help you meet Vietnamese women. Maybe some of them know ladies from Asian countries who are on the outlook for western men as well. You can start communication with a Vietnam girl online and then arrange a face-to-face meeting. Be sure your friends, coworkers or those you ask to help find a Vietnamese bride, exactly know your expectations from Vietnamese women. It goes without saying that you should not narrow down your search too much as you risk missing your future wife. Hence, it is better to be more flexible if you decide to meet Vietnamese girls.

Getting in touch with Vietnamese ladies on social networking

Some western men try to meet Vietnamese women online on networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Still you should realize that it won’t be easy for sure. Unlike western women, most Vietnamese girls do not widely use sites like these. Moreover, you can’t know for sure whether the lady is looking for western men, or she already is married to some of the Vietnamese men. Being a free alternative to international dating sites, social networking does not come with any safety guarantees, so you can easily become a victim of a dating scammer.

Joining an international company

Finally, you can meet your future Vietnamese wife right at a working place. Those guys who are hired at international companies, know what we are talking about. Marriage migration lets you look for a suitable Vietnamese bride, while building a successful career. This is how many guys have found a local single without online dating. However, not every men is lucky to have an experience like that. So, if you can’t join any international company, and get acquainted with Vietnamese women these, then consider the rest of the options listed above.

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Looking for a Vietnamese Bride Online: Existing Options, Pros & Cons

Today, looking for a Vietnam bride online seems to be the simplest option. The availability of modern technologies and a busy lifestyle have greatly contributed to the popularity of online dating websites. This way you can find a Vietnamese woman without leaving your place actually. But what are the rest advantages and disadvantages of looking for a local single online? Is it possible to find a Vietnamese wife by joining a dating site or registering on a dedicated app? Well, let’s look deeper into the matter.

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Pros of seeking the perfect Vietnamese bride online

Here is why you should look for Vietnamese ladies on dating apps and websites:

  1. Saving time. By registering on an online dating site, you can save a lot of time and effort. Just imagine, a platform with plenty of Vietnamese women is always right at your hand. You can use all provided services to get acquainted, chat, exchange pictures, and learn each other better. You should not arrange numerous dates to understand whether a particular mail order bride Vietnam is who can become your significant other.

  2. A wide range of Vietnamese brides. When dating in a real life, you probably do not have the same number of girls to chat with. The situation is different with mail order Vietnamese brides online. You can communicate with a few ladies at the same time and learn them better. If for some reason you didn’t match with one girl from Ho Chi Minh city, there is always somebody else to talk with. In-built searching filters let you narrow down your search and approach the girls who may meet your expectations. Moreover, you can explore the profiles of most Vietnamese ladies before reaching them.
  3. Support of specialists. Before you plan a wedding ceremony with a Vietnam bride, you may face a number of different challenges. You may make your path easier thanks to the support of specialists. Experts of sites with Vietnamese mail order wives can help you find a quick solution to any problem, and settle everything down to enjoy communication with the girl you like.vietnam, girl, asia

Cons of looking for Vietnamese brides online

Of course, there are some disadvantages about looking for Vietnamese brides online. Here are are the most common ones:

  1. Expensive rates. Most reliable online dating sites charge rates which may be too expensive for some daters. Yes, you can try to arrange a nice communication with Vietnamese mail order brides using free options, but earlier or later you will have to consider a paid membership. Why? This is the only way to get to know each other better if you take things seriously.

  2. Dating scammers. Most Vietnamese women really want to find a spouse from the USA or another country. Still, the

    number of dating scammers who want to earn money online are also high. That’s why you need to be very attentive on mail order brides websites and choose the most reputable platforms as you can’t be always sure that a real girl is behind a screen.
  3. High competition. Did you know that the number of men who are looking for Vietnamese women for marriage is really high? Sometimes their number even prevails a number of girls. Therefore you may face high competition when seeking mail order brides online. woman from Vietnam

Best Dating Sites 2023 To Meet Beautiful Vietnamese Women

As you already know you can find Vietnamese wives online. A number of dating sites with mail order Vietnamese brides is just awesome. If you experience some difficulties with a final choice of the platform, here are the most popular place to find Vietnamese girls online in 2023.

Best Vietnamese Mail Order Brides & Dating Websites to Meet Love in 2023

Vietnam Cupid

This is one of the most popular sites with Vietnamese mail order brides that you can’t ignore in case you want to meet a local woman. The platform is quite user-friendly and lets you get acquainted with ladies of different ages. The support system is nice so you can feel free to approach specialists whenever you need some help.


It is another site to look for Vietnamese ladies. Probably you have already heard about this platform as it is quite popular worldwide. Besides Vietnamese mail order brides, here you can meet girls from Ukraine, the USA, Poland, etc. The site navigation is handy, and a range of rate plans is also cool.


Are you looking for real Vietnamese brides? The match is where you may start your search. A well-known platform for online acquaintances has already connected a lot of singles. The site design is neat and it has everything you need for communication with a Vietnamese woman you like.


This site lists plenty of young women who dream to meet a Western guy. You will not experience any difficulties with finding a Vietnamese wife here. The functionality is handy, all pages load quickly, and you can chat with the girl at any convenient time.

Elite Singles

If you want to find a Vietnamese wife easily, then Elite Singles may be a good choice for you. This website is known as a reliable dating service that caters to people of different ages and nationalities. The navigation is truly simple, and the prices and rates are quite reasonable.

How Much Does a Vietnamese Mail Order Bride Cost?

Some guys want to know a Vietnam girl price before making a final decision on acquaintance with her. They look for the answer on the Internet. But is it possible to buy Vietnamese wife? Of course, no. We do not live in ancient times. Still, you should be ready to invest in a dating site while chatting with a mail order bride. Here are all the related expenditures that you are expected to have:

Rundown of Vietnamese bride expenses

The prices may vary from a couple to a couple. But in comparison to offline dating, you will surely spend less on communication with a Vietnamese mail order wife.

In case you are still hesitating about what option to choose, then read what other men say about Vietnamese women for marriage.

Do Marriages with Vietnamese Mail Order Wives Work? Their Husbands’ Stories

As they say, it is better to see once than hear dozen times. Here are a few stories from guys who chose a Vietnamese mail order bride experience one day.

How Can I Avoid Vietnamese Mail Order Bride Scam?

Unfortunately, cases of Vietnamese wives scams are not rare today. Everybody may face this unpleasant issue. The following tips will let you reduce the risks and enjoy dating Vietnamese brides who are real. Make sure you put them into practice every time you are using a dating site:

  1. Do not share your personal information until you are completely sure about a Vietnamese woman you are talking with.

  2. Read reviews of dating sites before registering a profile. Study all terms and conditions attentively.

  3. Try to remember everything that Vietnamese mail order bride says. This way, you will easily understand whether she tries to scam you.

  4. In case you suspect something strange while chatting with a Vietnamese woman, it is better to approach a support system. Specialists will check a girl to make sure she really aims to meet a foreign man to build relationship.

All in all, you should understand that the risks to come across as a scammer among Vietnamese mail order brides are high. But it may happen in a real life as well. So remember the above-mentioned tips and mind to take responsibility for your actions as well.

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Tips for Men: How to Impress Vietnamese Mail Order Brides?

It’s not hard to meet Vietnamese ladies who are interested in marriage. You can do it either online or offline. Still it may take you some time and effort to impress a Vietnamese woman for marriage. The main reason is a difference in cultures and traditions. Things that are okay for you, maybe a real surprise for a mail order bride from Vietnam. Have a look at good tips that work well with Asian women, and remember about common dating mistakes when seeing a lady from Vietnam.

1. Be honest and real

Once you decide to meet Vietnamese girls, you should stay who you are. These ladies seek reliable partners who are sincere and direct. If a Vietnamese girl feels that you try to be someone else, she will finish your communication at once. Instead of pretending to be someone else, be real. This is a true way to appeal to Vietnamese bride.

2. Show respect for her culture and roots

Vietnamese women feel special about their native land, culture, and traditions. Even if one day the lady moves to another country, she will keep her motherland in her heart forever. Thus, you should show respect to a girl’s culture and roots if you want to win her heart.

3. Learn her personality better

It goes without saying that Vietnamese mail order brides are very beautiful. But they do not want to be just a prize for their partners. In other words, you are expected to reveal the personality of Vietnamese girl; learn about her interests, goals, and dreams.

4. Be a gentleman

You should remember that a Vietnamese girl differs from any Western lady. The dating style can’t be similar to seeing American ladies, for example. With a Vietnamese mail order bride, you should act in another way and remember to be a gentleman in any situation.

5. Keep your promise always

A Vietnamese bride expects you to keep your promises. If you say that you want to build a strong family, then you should develop your relationship and not keep exchanging messages for a few years. Every Vietnamese girl dreams to see a real man by her side.

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Do you still need to clarify some issues about Vietnamese brides? Here are the answers for the most frequently asked questions that you may be interested in. In the long run, you will be able to understand the personality of Vietnamese woman completely and decide whether a local bride can be a suitable match for you to start a relationship and build a common future.

1. What is dating like in Vietnam?

Dating in Vietnam has its specifics you should mind. For example, you can’t invite a Vietnam girl on a private date at once. First, you are expected to meet with your friends and learn from each other better. Any physical touches are not allowed by local culture. Every Vietnamese bride knows it well and doesn’t allow any man to cross set boundaries.

2. How do Vietnamese marry?

A traditional Vietnamese wedding is always an exciting event. It includes a tea ceremony as well as candle ritual. The wedding starts in the morning and features a few important traditions. Guests are expected to present please couple as well. What is a traditional Vietnamese wedding gift? This can be a roasted pig, fruit, jewelry, etc.

3. What age do Vietnamese girls get married?

Based on Statista report, an average age for Vietnamese girls to get married is 24 years. So, they are ready to build families earlier then ladies in the USA, for example.

4. Does Vietnam have arranged marriages?

No law allows arranged marriages at present. Still, some parents practice it. The number of arranged marriages is strongly less in comparison to past years. Today, a Vietnamese bride can decide who she wants to marry.

5. Do Vietnamese marry foreigners?

Yes, you can meet a lot of Vietnamese wives who decided to marry a foreigner one day, and who managed to build strong and healthy families with Western guys despite all available cultural differences.

6. What to buy a Vietnamese girl?

If you want to impress a Vietnamese bride, you can purchase a nice bouquet of flowers or another nice gift. These ladies appreciate the attention and care so impressing them won’t be a challenge actually.

You can invite a Vietnamese mail order bride to visit you in the USA by purchasing an immigration visa (CR1). It allows a woman to stay in your country and apply for American citizenship soon.

8. What are Vietnamese women for sale like in bed?

Unlike most the other women, Vietnamese wives are not going to be very active in bed. They prefer to stay passive and do what their men want. It doesn’t mean that you are going to have bad intercourse with an indifferent girl. You just should be ready to take an initiative your hands and guide your Vietnamese wife.

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The Verdict: Who are Vietnamese Women for Marriage For?

Vietnamese brides have always been attracted to western men with their exotic appearance, calm character, and hospitality. Despite whether you can go to Ho Chi Minh city or look for a mail order bride online, the chances to be happy with such a woman are incredibly high. Still, Asian brides are not for everyone, and you should think twice before looking for a Vietnamese girl for marriage. These ladies will perfectly suit the men who aim to build a strong family, without a tiny shade of lies or mistrust. Beautiful Vietnamese women take their husbands and children as a priority. The happiness and health of every family member are what every Vietnamese lady dreams about.

Hence, if you have serious intentions, then you can start communication with local singles. In case you still have some hesitations about whether a Vietnam girl can be a perfect match for you, then it is better to join some of the dating services, and start online communication. This way you will quickly understand whether a Vietnamese lady from Chi Minh City Vietnam is who you really need. If not, keep positive as there are so many nice women around the world. For example, Ukrainian girls are still in first place on international dating services.

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