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At present, it is strange to deny the popularity of online dating websites. People spend a lot of time online in order to work, study, rest, and chat. With a quick spread of COVID-19, online dating seemed to be the only chance to meet new people and even find true love. Luckily, the choice of dedicated platforms is really big, hence everybody can find the website or app to their own taste. 2redbean is just one of popular platforms that attract more and more people every day. Of course, it is not perfect and has its own pros, cons, and other significant peculiarities. This 2 red beans review similar to other reviews aims to let you explore the website thoroughly. Finally, you can decide whether joining it for meeting women is a good idea exactly for you.

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A Brief Review of 2redbean was created for Chinese singles who seek love, friendship, and communication. It boasts quite a large community that welcomes non-Chinese citizens as well. Simply put, you can join the website even if you are coming from another country and you are interested in chatting with Chinese. Be ready that there are more men on the site, so meeting a mail order bride here can be quite challenging as the competition is impressive. In case this is a significant drawback for you, then you can choose a good alternative to this website.

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Registration and Profile

Redbean dating starts with registration that is very simple and quick. You are required to mention the gender and gender of the person who you are looking for, as well as a valid email. Once you add these details, the site will redirect you to the profile page. Here you can add a few pictures as well as profile information.  By filling the section “About me”, you can earn diamonds and then spend them on the website. But it’s up to you, and you can just miss this. As for the rest of the information, there are a few obligatory details such as body type, education, marital status, interests, and so on. All in all, verification is quite weak, and you may face a lot of fake profiles while using tworedbean.

Users are encouraged to add as much information as it is possible. You can view profile photos of other members despite your subscription type. Finally, checking whether the user is on the website right now, is simple with a status color indicator.

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Interface and Usability

Design is crucial for the overall dating experience. After mentioning 2redbeans login, you get to the quite nice and user-friendly interface. You will not deal with complicated elements as the site looks straightforward. It is a big advantage for people who are trying online acquaintances for the first time or are not very tech-savvy. The pages load enough quickly, and you reach desired destination quickly. All in all, you can see the menu and all provided services clearly.  Therefore, you will be able easily to focus on the dating experience itself rather than wasting time studying the interface.  Of course, you should not expect some extraordinary elements on the 2 red bean website, but after all, it looks nice and most members agree on the satisfying usability of the platform.


Once you set your profile and understood how 2redbeans com works, you can go searching for the most suitable person. You can filter the members by such peculiarities as who’s new, who’s active, who’s nearby, zodiac sign, etc. This way, you can narrow down your search field and quicker come across the right match. In case you feel too shy to demonstrate your interest to a particular person, you can send a wink (up to 6 times per day).  Unfortunately, messages are available only for Premium users, but you still can text if you have diamonds. Users earn diamonds by completing a challenge (popularity, charming, etc.).  If you like somebody in the 2redbeans app, you can either bookmark the profile page or add the user to a list of favorites. This way, you will quickly find the desired person next time when you want to chat with him/her. But if there is somebody who you do not want to deal with at all, you can hide the profile from search results forever.          

Provided Services

2redbeans website offers users both free and based-fee services. You can enjoy a wide range of options without any investments.

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As you can see, the platform provides you with common features similar to most other dating websites. But at the same time, two red beans dating may be great to a few special features. First of all, you can become totally invisible. The option is available only for paying members. It allows you to use the site anonymously until you want to become visible again. Simply put, this unique feature will help you stay safe and protect yourself from unwanted communication. Another great feature is a personal matchmaker. Using it, you will save a lot of time and start dating quicker instead of spending all days long searching for a suitable match. The dedicated matchmaker will arrange interviews with potential candidatures and then agree on a personal meeting.


As you perhaps have already understood, 2redbeans dating is available both for free and not. In comparison to other companies in the market, the prices are recognized as very high. Not everybody will afford to purchase a subscription for almost $35 per month. But you can save a lot if you buy a VIP package for the whole year. An important feature of 2redbeans is a system of diamonds. They are paid features that users get for completing some challenge. By the way, you will get diamonds after mentioning 2redbeans com login and uploading pictures. The listed payment options are PayPal, Credit card, and cheque.

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Customer Support

At this point, you may think that two red beans dating is a good option to consider. Still, along with other nuances, it will not provide you with top-quality support. Many users report irresponsive specialists who often ignore the members’ messages or simply can’t offer effective solutions. This is a big disadvantage as the exact support system impacts your overall experience and may help you cope with any difficulties that appear on your way to the main goal.

Final Verdict

While looking for a reliable website with a large userbase, you may come across 2redbeans com. It is quite a popular platform that initially was built for the Chinese but soon became a multinational dating website. It connects people worldwide and lets them make new friends, find future spouse, or just start casual dating.  Based on the expert’s review and testimonials of current and former users, it is possible to make the final verdict. Two red beans dating will suit people who try online acquaintances for the first time and do not know a lot about them. Thanks to a clear and user-friendly design, you will not face any difficulties on your way. However, high prices and the absence of 24/4 support are significant disadvantages of this website. Daters with a tight budget are recommended to look for better alternatives and do not risk their money.


Does 2redbean has a separate mobile application?
Yes, you can download an app both for iOS and Android devices, and use it from any place and at any time. The main functionality looks all the same. The interface is also nice and user-friendly.
How can I earn diamonds in tworedbean?
Members receive diamonds for uploading pictures and answering brainy questions. Afterward, they can use them for provided services.
Does 2 Red Beans accept credit cards?
Yes, you can pay for the subscription via your credit card. The website accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.
Can I block another user on 2redbeans?
Yes. You need to visit the page of another user who you want to block. Look at the text box, and find the options button under it.
How to verify profile on tworedbean?
You can verify your profile via a mobile phone. Just enter your phone number and use a special code from the message to complete the procedure.
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