How to Find a Girlfriend: Free Options to Start a Fantastic Romance

Our life changes at an incredible pace. We discover new opportunities, try new technologies and widen own horizons in every possible way. The only thing that will hardly ever change is a person’s desire to share all these moments with the right partner. Therefore, many guys keep wondering how to find a girlfriend. While it seems that the answer is quite predictable – there is a lot of what to mention. This article doesn’t aim to discuss the top 10 places to find a girlfriend, but you will certainly discover a few nice ways to meet a woman who is actually ready to date. 

How Can You Find a Girlfriend These Days?

Why is it so hard to find a girlfriend these days? Unfortunately, this is a widespread difficulty. Most guys find dating challenging and say “I’ll never find a girlfriend”. One of the reasons according to recent research is that men do not understand how to behave on a date. They keep making different dating mistakes, and thus miss their chance to find a girlfriend near me. If you want to put the end to such a tendency and meet your special one at last, then find out the top methods. This article contains the best places to find a girlfriend. By discovering great options, you will get one step closer to reaching your dating goal. Just keep in mind that there is no method that comes with a 100% guarantee that you will succeed. So, feel free to mix the options, and keep positive.

Best Ways to Find a Girlfriend are Revealed 

Right now, you can find out how to find a girlfriend without online dating and with it. Mind that it is recommended to choose the option that really appeals to you, and focus your efforts on it. Only if you understand that a selected method doesn’t work out for you, then you can try other ways from the article. 

Go to karaoke

why can't i find a girlfriend quiz


  • You can show your talent to other people
  • There is less tension in karaoke clubs
  • Most girls regularly go to karaoke


  • It may be too noisy to start a conversation
  • Not all ladies seek long-term commitment in karaoke clubs
  • Ordering beverages and food may be too expensive during the whole night

If once the thought “I need to find a girlfriend” comes to your mind, then you can consider arranging a karaoke night. A relaxed atmosphere and a common hobby may help you find a girlfriend for me. Most women are also into singing at a karaoke club, therefore, you have a wide choice. Moreover, adding a lot of fun to your love search will play into your hand eventually. If you want to get closer to the girl at once and invite her to your place, then the karaoke club is a good starting point for sure. Anyway, if to believe how to find a girlfriend wikiHow, karaoke is a good option for easy-going and talkative people. If you are a little bit shy, then it is reasonable to consider other options to find your soulmate. 

Register on a dating website

join dating site


  • Plenty of ladies who seek dating opportunities as well
  • A quick search of the same-minded partners
  • A high level of security is provided at every step of communication


  • Some features may require investment
  • Not all websites are trustworthy and include verified profiles
  • Some sites do not come up with a dedicated mobile app

Some people think that registration on a dating website is not effective anymore. However, both women and men keep joining dedicated platforms. Therefore, you should choose a trustworthy dating website to start your love adventure. Consider a few things before making the final decision:

  1. Users’ reviews. It would be great to read the impression of current or former members to discover the advantages and pitfalls of a definite platform. There are dedicated sites like Trustpilot that you can visit to know the truth.
  2. Provided services. You can’t always find a girlfriend for free at a dating site. That’s why it is recommended to explore all features and options to understand the situation. This way, you will avoid disappointment and be aware of all possible expenditures.
  3. Support system. Where to find a girlfriend online? Only on websites that promise a 24/7 support system. In this case, you can be sure that specialists will help you solve any issue at once. Visit the website you are going to join, and check how to get in touch with a team.

Participate in a public event 

find love on public event


  • Opportunity to meet a few ladies simultaneously
  • Cheap way to find a girlfriend
  • Ability to chat with like-minded people


  • Some public events may be too noisy to chat
  • You can’t know the girl’s dating intentions for sure
  • You need to study local programs to choose a suitable event

If one day you say “I want to find a girlfriend”, then you should just do it. Look through a calendar of local events. Is there anything that you would like to visit? It is important to choose the event that you are really interested in. Avoid going to concerts as you will hardly have an opportunity to start a conversation there. Noisy places are surely not suitable for trying to find a girlfriend. Instead, look for some literature marathon, or art class to have enough space for chatting with the lady you like. 

Use social networks regularly

how to find a girlfriend on Facebook


  • Opportunity to find a girlfriend online free of charge
  • A wide range of potential matches
  • Easy accessibility and constant availability


  • You may come across fakes and risk your safety
  • Dating via social media doesn’t have a high chance of success
  • Not all ladies have dating intentions

How to find a girlfriend on Instagram or another social media? It doesn’t differ much from usual using your social profile. However, you can speed up things and check your friends’ followers to see whether some of them may make you a company in your love adventure. This is also a great option for those who are wondering how to find a girlfriend during pandemic. Prepare a few nice phrases to break the ice, and keep motivated all the time to reach your dating goals.

Join a local gym

find love in gym


  • Ability  to improve your body while seeking new acquaintance
  • Chance to meet girls with excellent body shape
  • Opportunity to find the same-minded partner


  • Attending a good gym may be expensive
  • It is not a suitable option for men who hate sports activities
  • A high level of competitiveness for girl’s attention among guys

Actually, many guys agree that this is the best way to find a girlfriend. However, it suits men who are into sports. If you plan to join a local gym just to chat with pretty girls, then you risk experiencing a huge disappointment. But if you want to improve your body and combine physical activities with a love adventure, then you are welcome to purchase a membership at a local gym. It is not recommended to approach other people with a request like “Can you help me find a girlfriend?”. Otherwise, you risk feeling awkward. Instead, go to a bar, order a protein cocktail and start chatting with other gym attendances. When will I find a girlfriend?

If you like a particular lady, don’t wait and go on with flirting. Mind that there are plenty of other men who can be more active than you, therefore schedule a date quicker.

Go to a grocery shop

woman in shop


  • A quick way to find a girlfriend in your area
  • It doesn’t require any investments
  • You can try this way at any minute


  • You don’t know whether a lady is single or not
  • You may need to lie to attract her attention somehow
  • Your approach will hardly end up in success

How to find a girlfriend without dating apps? You can simply go to a local grocery store and try your luck there. For example, find vegetable sections and look around. Is there anybody who you like? You can approach the lady and ask whether she can recommend you something, or what dish she is going to cook, etc. Prepare a few starters to begin communication without feeling shy or unconfident. In case you do not feel a mutual interest from the woman, it is better to move further and find somebody else. 

Visit a local cafe or restaurant

how to find a girlfriend if you re shy


  • You can see and chat with the girl at the same time unlike on social media
  • It is possible to rest in a cozy atmosphere and reach your dating goal
  • You can meet plenty of the ladies at once 


  • Dining always requires investments
  • The girl you like may have a boyfriend already
  • This is not the best option for too shy men

How to find a girlfriend fast? Consider one of the traditional methods to pick up your perfect match. Perhaps there are plenty of suitable local places that you can visit and start your love-seeking adventure. Choose a cozy restaurant or a cafe that is popular with locals. Look around and see whether there is some nice lady. Cope with your shyness, and approach her at once. It would be great if you have a few phrases or questions to start your dialogue. Here are a few good examples:

  1. How often do you visit this place?
  2. What do you usually do when it is too hot outside?
  3. What can impress you the most?
  4. What do you prefer tea or coffee?
  5. Do you believe in love at the first sight?
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Will I Ever Find a Girlfriend? – Summing-up

Of course, the ways how to find a girlfriend at 30 and at 20 may differ, however, you have a wide range to choose from. Consider all the above-mentioned options to start your incredible love adventure. Nobody knows which one will help you reach your dating goals. Therefore, you can try a few of them simultaneously. Don’t get upset if you can’t find a girlfriend at once. The dating pool is incredibly large, so keep positive, and do your best until you are satisfied with a result. 

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