How to French Kiss to Take Your Partner Breath Away

French kiss is what we saw in movies when we were kids, and what we tried when we got older. Perhaps each of us has tried to impress the partner with excellent kissing and show the ability of a high order. But do you actually know how to french kiss? What is the difference between a good kiss and an excellent one? No matter how old are you now, and what experience you have, there is always some space to move on and boost your skills. This article aims to provide you with tips on how to french kiss someone and have a good time.

Simple Tips on How to French Kiss with Tongue

Have you ever tried french kiss? Perhaps you do. Lots of people even celebrate International Kissing Day in June. But if not, then these tips will be very efficient for you. Even if you already have some experience kissing sexy Ukrainian girls, this how to french kiss tutorial will help you boost your skills and take your partner’s breath away. 

how to french kiss a girl for first time

1. Get ready

The first part of how to french kiss instructions is dedicated to proper preparation. It means you should make sure that your lips look well and are not dry. Perhaps your partner would not like to feel chapped lips. Their state directly impacts the quality of your french kiss. So, use chapstick, drink water, and lick your lips in the long run. The next step is to take care of your breath. Perfect oral hygiene is extremely important for keeping good breath. Plus, you are recommended to avoid consuming food and beverage before meeting your significant other. 

2. Find a perfect moment

The moment when you decide to try tips on how to french kiss like a professional is crucial. Choosing impropriate time may have negative circumstances. Therefore, you should be completely sure that both of you are ready for such an important step. It should be the moment when the tension is growing, and you want to get closer. How to understand that a moment is perfect? At this minute, you both should have a romantic mood, rather than suffer from discomfort and worries.  Next, it is necessary to set eye contact,  smile, and get rid of a touch barrier. 

3. Go to practice

Once you found the right moment, you should start practicing tips on how to french kiss a girl. Move closer but do it slowly so that you are sure that the other person doesn’t mind. Move your body in the right direction, and shorten the distance between your heads. It is better to close your eyes to prove that you are sincere and honest. You can open them when you are apart after kissing. Finally, save a kissable position so that you can continue. 

4. Master your techniques

You can watch the how to french kiss step by step video, or look at the tips below to master your techniques. Avoid speeding up things, and be slow to give a signal first. Moreover, quick kisses do not have the same depth. Open your mouth to invite the person for a kiss. Lock lips and place your tongue over the lower one. Start with a slow move to explore the waters, and see whether the partner feels the same. If everything is okay, then you can go on. Keep your tongue moving. It should touch your partner’s lips lightly. Next, slide it slowly into the mouth. Now you should check whether another person is ready to respond to you. If everything is well, then go on and have a great time.

5. Get rid of too high expectations

Let’s face the truth. Most people set too high expectations when they imagine a sweet moment of kissing. This is when they make the biggest mistake. You can feel free to learn how to french kiss someone and think about this very moment. But, you should not expect too much. The reason is that every person has their own kissing style. Even if you know how to french kiss a girl, it doesn’t mean a particular lady will like the way you do it. Simply put, you should get rid of high expectations. Do you know how to french kiss a woman well? Great! Find your special lady, and have a great tie together. 

how to french kiss step by step with pictures

A Few Extra Points of How to French Kiss Tutorial

Sometimes it is not enough to follow how to french kiss instructions only. If you want to do this like a pro, then keep an eye on a few extra points:

  • Always remain playful a little bit.  You can place and then take your tongue off the partner’s mouth. This way, you will encourage the person to make a move as well. 
  • Avoid going too deep.  Moving your tongue right into the person’s throat seems to be a bad idea, especially if it is your first try. Even if you know how to french kiss like a professional, you’d better slow down. Explore how far the other person is ready to go, and move synchronically. 
  • Enjoy the process in the full. Once you learned how to french kiss with tongue, keep enjoying it. Tongues have plenty of nerve endings. Therefore,  you have a chance to get incredible pleasure every time you kiss. If you want to learn more about your own preferences in kissing or the likes of your partner, then you can answer a dedicated survey to boost your skills. 
how to french kiss a guy well

Summing – up: How to French Kiss Better

You can watch plenty of clips, but no how to french kiss step by step video will tell you exactly what you should do. Everything depends not only on knowledge but the way how you use all basic techniques. Therefore, if you want to reveal a secret of how to french kiss better, you are recommended to practice a lot. Remember to freshen your breath before sucking. Once your lips are soft, learn how to french kiss and the right person is beside you, there is nothing to wait for anymore. Kiss, enjoy and create unforgettable memories. 

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