What are Signs Proving that a Shy Girl Likes You?

Life becomes more complicated when you can’t understand whether a definite girl likes you or not. Of course, in most cases, it takes some time to realize the feelings of another person. But with a shy girl, you may need even more time than usual. Why? Well, reserved ladies are used to hiding their true feelings and not letting anybody penetrate into their inner world. How to know if a shy girl likes you? You should start with learning-related signs. Then, you will be able to analyze the situation and decide whether moving forward is a good idea, or you’d better look for another girl.

Top 12 Signs a Shy Girl Likes You

Shy girls are not ready to reveal their feelings due to different reasons. In most cases, they simply are afraid of being rejected. Shy women prefer staying aside rather than risking and seeing what will be next. So, you have to explore the situation on your own. Ready to know a shy girl really likes you? Here are common signs that will help you evaluate the situation and avoid getting disappointed:

how to tell a shy girl likes you

She laughs at your jokes

Did people talk that your jokes are bad but the girl always laughs at them? It means that you have a great emotional connection and she highly values your sense of humor. So, even if your joke is not good enough, you can expect a nice reaction from the lady. She will surely leave some comment which indicates that she likes you. 

She wants to know you better

How to tell if a shy girl likes you? Everything is simple. She just wants to know everything about you, your life, hobbies, and dreams. She may ask many questions, and try to get closer. Moreover, the girl listens to all conversations that are related to you. Digging deeper and deeper every time, she knows what is your favorite book, song, band, season, place for rest, etc. Soon, you will be impressed with how well she knows you. Details that seem to be tiny to you, mean a lot to her. 

She is often around you

You go to the gym and all of sudden meet the girl there. Or, you come across the lady on your path to your favorite cafe. At some moments, it seems that she is just everywhere. Restaurant, cinema, bookstore, park, etc. Do you know what it means? In fact, the woman is always around you. She takes every opportunity to be close and spend as much time with you as it is possible.

She looks directly at you

Shy girl likes you body language can help you understand the situation. Actually, a long direct glance says that the lady really likes you. She may look at you for a long time and put her eyes off if you notice this. The glance greatly differs from an ordinary one. You will easily recognize it.  A shy girl likes you, that’s why she wants to remember every detail about you. Doesn’t it look nice?  

She often changes her outfits

How to know a shy girl likes you? You can understand it she often changes her outfits. She tries different styles and experiments with her clothes or even her haircut. The girl looks for something that can attract your attention, and make you look at her like a woman, not just a friend or co-worker. Also, she may ask what you like about females and try to meet your expectations. Soon, you see that she started to wear skirts (because you mentioned it in your list), or purchased red lipstick. All suchlike details contribute to a general idea – she really likes you. 

She asks about your family and friends

There is no reason to doubt whether the lady likes you, if she constantly asks about your family and friends. The lady wants to know everything that is related to you. She tends to be a part of your everyday world and soon gets as close as your relatives are. In case you doubt whether she really likes you, then analyze all your conversations. Does she ask “How is your mom”, or “Did your sister cope with her problems at work?”. If yes, then she tries to remember all significant details, and be always close not only physically but emotionally as well. 

body language a shy girl likes you

She always is ready to help you

How do you know if a shy girl likes you? In fact, it is simple. The lady is always next to you, and ready to help no matter what the situation is. It means that you can call her at any time, and be sure that she will reply you at once. Moreover, she doesn’t want any gratitude as the woman simply doesn’t wait for anything in return. You are a priority for her, and she may assist you even if she experiences some difficulties or inconveniences on her own.

She actively follows you on social network

Well, most of your friends follow your social media activity. Still, it differs from the way a girl who likes you, does it. She comments on all your stories and likes all your publications. It seems that she is waits for every news to be the first who sees that. The girl’s involvement in your online life is just incredible. 

She texts you more than says

Regular texting is one of signs a girl likes you but is shy. The problem is that the lady can’t think well when you are around her. She starts to worry and prefers to be silent. Messages give her a great opportunity to express all her thoughts and ideas. That’s why you may receive numerous messages from the lady throughout the day. If she acts this way, you can be sure – she definitely likes you but can’t show her feelings directly.

how to know if a shy girl likes you quiz

She easily blushes

Have you ever noticed how you easily the girl blushes when she is beside you? It means that she can’t control her emotions.  Every time when you start to talk to her, her cheeks get red. There are no hesitations – this is one of the signs shy girl likes you.

She pays you compliments all the time

Do you often hear pleasant words and phrases from the girl? Does she admire your appearance, personal qualities, etc.?  Well, it means that she cares about you more than just a friend. When the girl feels special about the guy but can’t say it directly, she looks for other ways to express her true attitude. Compliments are just one of such ways. 

She pretends not to like you at all

How to tell when a shy girl likes you? Easily! Often girls pretend not to like you at all. They say that you are boring and you have nothing in common. Actually, you may hear a lot of suchlike information. This way, the woman tries to escape from an uncomfortable situation and let you know what she feels in fact. As a result, you feel stuck and can’t understand what she has in her mind. 

signs a shy girl likes you body language

What to Do When a Shy Girl Likes You?

Now, that you know all signs that a shy girl likes you, and you understand that it is true for a woman in your life, it is high time to act. So, what you should do next?  You can talk to her directly to clear up everything. The following simple tips may be of great help to you. 

  • Find a suitable time. It is better to start so important conversation when the girl is free and will not distract. Take care about her schedule when choosing the time. It is important to talk in person, so let it be a face-to-face meeting without any people around you. 
  • Think about things that you are going to say in advance. It may sound strange, but yes, it is important. You can even practice in front of the mirror. Use the words that better describe your feelings and expectations. 
  • Make sure she feels comfortable. In case you see that the lady is sad or uncomfortable, you need to change it. Otherwise, you will have to postpone the conversation till better days. You can offer a cup of warm tea and a blanket if it is cool; turn on quite relaxing music, or do something else so that she has a proper mood to discuss such a serious issue as sympathy. 
  • Get ready for any result. Nobody can guarantee you a positive outcome Therefore, you should be ready for any result when you deal with a shy girl. Maybe she will not risk opening her feelings to you and pretending that she doesn’t like you at all. Or, you both will understand that your story has all chances to finish with a “happy ever after”. So, it is important to keep positive but be ready for any possible result. 


How to tell if a shy girl likes you at work or any other place?  Use the signs that you have read above and learn to analyze ladies’ behavior. In fact, girls are more emotional than guys. It is really difficult for them to hide their emotions. So in most cases, you easily can understand whether a particular lady likes you or not. Still, things are more difficult in the case of shy girls. Guys keep wondering how to tell if shy girl likes you. We hope that this article will help you understand the true feelings and goals of the lady you are interested in. After all, it is better to clarify everything as soon as possible than waste time on hesitations and doubts. Who knows maybe this is your chance to build the relationship of your dream and be happy with one of the best of wives and best of women at last.  Get armed with signs a shy girl likes you quiz, and take a responsibility for your own happiness right now. 

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