Best Options on Where to Meet Older Women and Become Happy

Let’s face the truth. Not all men are interested in building relationships with younger girls and getting into all that vanilla dating world. There are many guys who prefer meeting older women. They enjoy their maturity, and life values and appreciate ladies’ goals. Mature females have their own charms and act as magnets for guys who look for single older women. They know what they want and how they want it, hence, men do not have to deal with any mind games. Dating cougars becomes more popular every day, and if you think about younger men older women experiences, then it is high time to enquire about the issue in detail. Keep reading to learn where to meet older women, and a few efficient tips to make this experience truly successful for you. 

Why is Older Women Dating Sought-after?

According to a research held by AARP, 34% of older women are dating younger guys. In fact, such statistics are not shocking as mature ladies attract young guys despite the difference in age. These days, only a few individuals may be surprised once getting to know that you want to date older women. Being older, the ladies do not insist on marriage or giving birth to kids. They do not care about any frames and are at the age when the only right way is to do things that make them happy. Guys who have tried older women matures admit such experience as the best thing in their life. If you are too shy to look for older women near me, or you are going through not the best times in your life, then breathe with relief as we have a great solution for you right here.  Discover where to meet older women and take your chance to find your soulmate at once. 

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Where to Find Older Women: Online and Offline Pickups

Do you feel excited about coming across older women looking for younger men? Luckily, there is a wide range of offline and online options that you can consider to meet your special one. Let’s start with the most popular pickups and go on with some extra alternatives on where to meet single older women.  

1. Register on older women dating sites

Whether you want to meet Ukrainian women, or ladies of any other nationality, you can do it without going out. There are plenty of dating apps for older women as well as websites that welcome young guys to find their perfect match. In case, you do not know what platform to pick up, then you need to read reviews of popular options and choose the best dating site for older women.

I Also read Review

Each of them has a definite set of features and options to help you with older women chat. It is really great pickup for too shy or too busy guys. Simply put, you do not have to distract from your ordinary life and see numerous women, wasting your time. Instead, you register an account on older women dating site and start talking with ladies who appeal to you. Mind, there are no obligations, and once you start feeling uncomfortable beside a particular lady, you just choose another female and try to get in touch with her. Doesn’t it sound great? Older women younger men experience is for those who want to enjoy every new day, instead of going over the boring routine with the lady who has no idea of who you actually are. 

2. Change your car to a bus or underground

You may be willing to find local older women but it will lead to nowhere until you are going by your car. Best experts in the dating industry recommend refusing your personal vehicle and shifting to the bus or any other available public transport. This way, you can get closer to women, flirt, and initiate communication. As a rule, ladies do not hurry anywhere, and you have at least a few minutes to get acquainted with a woman that appeals to you. It is important to have several starter topics to start chatting at once. Take every chance with older women looking for young men, and enjoy the result. 

3. Ask your family or friends to help

If you have no idea where to find older women cougar, then consider one of the most common ways. Perhaps some of your friends or relatives may help you. You may visit parties or other events with new people to meet and may even find a partner. Let it be not very official so that you have a chance to quit if it is necessary. Otherwise, you risk upsetting your friends who sincerely wanted to assist you with older women looking for men. Simply put, try to use their help but let it be more natural instead of such official announcements like “Meet my friend, he is looking for an older woman to date”. Enjoy communication and see where it will go. 

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4. Consider social networks

Having an account on one of the numerous social networks doesn’t sound surprising these days. People spend a lot of time online chatting with friends and co-workers. Therefore, you can use this option to find older women. The main challenge that you may face is understanding whether a particular person is willing to get acquainted with someone for dating. However, it is a nice option to consider and try. After all, you lose nothing. You just need to be active and work out a good greeting message to attract the lady’s attention with the first line. Unfortunately, not every younger man looking for older women can show intentions to the female at once but it is very important. Hence, make sure your profile looks well, and your goals are evident. 

5. Join religious communities

Attending local church services on Sundays may become your lucky ticket to creating your dream relationship. It is well-known that many older women are members of religious communities. Therefore, you can come across the same-minded person, who shares your lifestyle habits and has the same plans.

6. Go to local restaurants and other public places

It is impossible to ignore cafes, restaurants, parks, galleries, and other public places when discussing how to meet older women. These are traditional options to find a soulmate, but they are quite effective nowadays. If you feel more comfortable when you see a lady personally, instead of studying her profile online, then this option is right for you. However, do not forget that not every old female wants to meet a younger guy. So, be ready to face rejection. It works opposite to apps for older women. However, you can try visiting public places as nobody knows for sure where your destiny is waiting for you.

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7. Join classes for adults

Luckily, there are so many classes for adults that you can join these days. Besides a great opportunity to gain new skills or develop existing ones, you get a chance to meet new people. There is nothing better than building relationships that are based on true friendship. You can get to know the person better without all those butterflies in your stomach. Having common interests is also beneficial for a couple. You need to choose a class that you feel passionate about (drawing, photography, sport, IT, music, etc.) and be open to a new exciting experience. 

Are Older Women Dating Apps and Websites Effective?

The attitude to dating websites is different. While some people are using popular older women dating apps and websites, others are still hesitating whether it is safe. But in fact, it is safe, if you select trustworthy platforms. So, let’s discuss websites where meeting older women is possible without risks to your safety. 

Silver Singles

The platform welcomes people who are 50 years old and more. It looks quite traditional and simple. Users who are not very tech-savvy will find this site a nice tool for reaching their goals. Silver Singles website has various search filters that you can adjust and find your same-minded person in a few clicks only. Moreover, experts share great tips on creating a winning profile, etc.

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The website has a straightforward design and all options that are necessary for reaching your dating goals. There you can meet both young and mature women who are very active and responsive. Along with basic free options, you can use paid features of VictoriyaClub to make your communication more personal and speed up its progress. By the way, the website regularly provides users with different discounts, so you can save funds for other needs. 


This website serves people who are 60 years and older. It means you can easily find an older woman here with a nice set of features. It may seem to be less innovative in comparison to the previous one. Anyway, you can try this platform to widen the pool of your potential matches.

How to Find Older Women and Start a Love Story

There are many older women seeking younger men, so your chances to succeed are really high. First of all, you should choose one or a few options that have been discussed above. Avoid focusing all your efforts on older women looking for younger guys. Keep doing what you are used to, and just take every chance to meet your special one. Once you are one step closer to your goal, keep an eye on the following tips:

  1. Don’t pretend to be someone else. It is useless to waste time pretending to be someone else as mature ladies can identify this easily. Instead, show who you are to let the woman understand whether you are who she needs. At the same time, you will also discover if you fit each other and if your goals are the same.
  2. Be active and encouraging. Some guys are wondering how to hook up with older women but in fact, they are too shy to write a simple “Hello” message. If you want to succeed with mature ladies, then you should be active, and use every chance to spend more time with her. Luckily, there are so many options to get to know each other better, so everything that you need to do is to act.
  3. Show your care and affection.  Older women similar to younger girls, also want to have a caring man by their side. That’s why you should demonstrate your affection in every possible way. Pay compliments, arrange pleasant surprises, give presents and let the woman feel her uniqueness. 
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Where to Meet Older Women: Final Thoughts

Due to the fast incorporation of modern technologies into our lives, it becomes evident why most guys are interested in places where to meet older women online. It is a great way to get acquainted with females all over the world. So, if you have definite preferences, for example, Thai women, then you can choose a relevant dating website or application and meet the person from any desired location. In case, you prefer personal communication to dating sites for older women, then you can choose any of the other listed options like visiting local cafes or joining classes for adults. Despite what tool you are going to use to start younger men/older women experience, make sure that this is what you really need and want.  Always follow your heart, and do not listen to things that other people say. Only you know for sure what can make you happy. 

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